Why you need international relocation company

A freight forwarding is an individual or, mostly, a forwarding company that helps you transport your goods from one country to another country.

If you have not heard the freight forwarding company’s term, you may be a little confused. Is this a shipping company, a distributor, an import and export partner, or a company? A commercial freight forwarding company is not like these things, but it takes many responsibilities. Here are which items you need to know about your business’s freight forwarding company to business shipments.

what is international relocation

A business that is specialize in arranging storage and shipments on behalf of other shippers. It typically offers a wide range of services, including transport, payloads preparation, import and export documentation, warehouse storage, cargo space booking, cargo insurance, and filing of insurance claims.

Freight forwarders typically ship on their landing waybill bills (called house landing bill or house airwaybills), and their agents associate with freight forwarding services companies.

What does the international relocation company do?

There is a lot of things that go into arranging your international shipping. In comparison, the freight forwarder handles the documents of your international shipping. A freight forwarder does not move your shipment by itself.

The freight forwarder serves as an intermediary between the shipper and many transport companies, such as ocean freight transportation, air shipping, and goods moving by rail or road.

Freight forwarding company utilizes and established the relationship with careers from air freight services and trucking companies, o rail or road freighters and ocean liners, to transfers shipper products with the best balance speed, affordable cost, and reliability.


For importing and exporting freight forwarder is not necessary. But so much paperwork and involvement with international regulation for moving goods that can vary from one country to another is essential and hassle work. That’s why importer and exporter use commercial freight forwarding companies.

A freight forwarder is a significant advantage to virtually every company to deal with the international freight forwarding companies.

Using a freight forwarding company has many benefits, some of are listed below:

  • Insurance and Custom documentation
  • Bill of landing
  • warehousing
  • Risk assessment and management
  • International payments methods